Smart City Foundation



Smart City Foundation was founded by Bharti in 2012 to drive structured and meaningful growth through policy reforms and the adoption of innovative processes and technology. She was supported by Pradeep and Vinod.

Bharti, Pradeep, and Vinod have a strong common desire to see India as a leader in all rankings. They are successful entrepreneurs and believe in giving back to society. One doesn't have to wait to be a billionaire to give back. Everyone can find a way to give back.


Our activities are decided by the sustainability of what we start. India is facing challenges of unplanned growth and poor infrastructure, unplanned habitation, red-tapism, incompetent government machinery, inadequate educational and healthcare infrastructure. While experienced and qualified leaders in governments are doing their bit to fix India's problems. we believe it is the responsibility of non-governmental citizen groups to get organized to deliver and be responsible and accountable for the local and global challenges.

We started in 2012 to be the change. Our activities included managing air pollution, clean neighborhood to lending support to transformational activities of Art of Living, Bharat Swabhiman and India Against Corruption. While we were busy with on-ground activities we worked with government and political parties to give our feedback for planning cities, which resulted in smart cities' mission, smart neighborhood, and other citizen-oriented decisions in education, healthcare, waste management, and water management.



At Smart City Foundation we don't expect full-time engagement from our members. One can start by volunteering free time close to a place of work or residence. If you have the will, we have a project to help you give back to the development of society. You can share your experience, knowledge, skills to transform India for a better world.

Technology and Policy Evangelism

At Smart City Foundation we promote reforms through the use of technology. We believe automated processes are the only way to deliver Justice and eradicate corruption. Human development index can be improved a lot with innovation and use of technology. We continuously help and pursue governments to adopt best and sustainable practices and technology. We have contributed to:
>Smart City Mission  > DDA master plan  >Smart and Skilled Neighborhood  >Quality education >Quality Healthcare 
Our members are happy to consult citizen welfare groups to find solutions to their problems !!!!!!!

Be The Change

Our members have led numerous activities to promote the clean environment. Be it managing avoidable traffic congestions or cleaning the littered neighborhood. We believe, educated and Healthy neighborhood is a must for the strong foundation of India. A massive on-ground public participation will transform India for the better world.